English Speaking Course

Thirty-four years experience as a teacher and ex-principal of secondary school offer these English Speaking Courses. These English Speaking Courses are created skillfully. You can learn from anywhere in the world. In EnglishLamp, lessons are for everyone!   These courses are essential to those who must speak English at work, study, and pass competitive examinations.

         What will you get in this English Speaking Course?

In these courses, you will get-

  1. The proper way to learn without confusion,
  2. Ability to speak confidently,
  3. Understanding Grammar and the ability to construct sentences on your own,
  4. Enhancing word power efficiently due to categorized vocabulary.
  5. Ability to check your depth of English knowledge as the assignment is given at the end of each part.
  6. Several exercises to score yourself.

Last and most important –


For more- go through the lessons of discussion given below-

All Lessons of Discussion 

  1. How to pronounce ‘a’ 
  2. How to pronounce ‘e’ 
  3. How to pronounce ‘i’              
  4. Discussion – How to pronounce ‘o’   
  5. How to pronounce ‘u’ and ‘y’
  6. Greeting         
  7. Manners and etiquette   
  8. Some polite phrases 
  9. Good wishes
  10. Some words of exclamation 
  11. Phrases of exclamation      
  12. Sentences of gratitude     
  13. Sentences of apology    
  14. Sentences of  order       
  15. Sentences of consolation   
  16. Sentences of request  
  17. negative sentences 
  18. Sentences of do’s
  19. Sentences of  don’ts    
  20. Sentences about time 
  21. Common questions
  22. Sentences in meeting an old friend    
  23. Sentences invitation
  24. Describing people
  25. Describing things
  26. About shopping
  27. About person
  28. About study 
  29. About the health
  30. About games
  31. In the office 
  32. About law
  33. Birthday party 
  34. About the dress
  35. About animals
  36. About signals
  37. Introducing self and others
  38. Talking on phone  
  39. Sentences with countable  
  40. Sentences of emphasis
  41. Sentences at home
  42. Speaking with servant
  43. Speaking out of home
  44. Speaking with the doctor
  45. Speaking in the hotel
  46. Sentences of encouragement
  47. At the bank
  48. Speaking at the bus stop
  49. At the library
  50. Speaking at the railway station
  51. about entertainment
  52. Discussion with mother and son
  53. Speaking of knowing the way                      
  54. Asking for and giving permission
  55. Selling
  56.  To book a room in a hotel
  57. to ask questions
  58. Teacher and students
  59. About television

Hi, I am Madhuri Kherde, an educationist, ex-principal of a secondary school in Mumbai, and founder of EnglishLamp.com. I have been teaching English and Mathematics for the last thirty-four years. I like to share my knowledge and experience with others. So I hope you enjoy my posts on this website.