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  • Doctor, I am not feeling well.
  • I am suffering from headache since yesterday.
  • I shall check your blood pressure.
  • Blood pressure is normal.
  • Your headache is not because of blood pressure.
  • Are you diabetic?
  • Have you checked your blood?
  • No, I didn’t check it for sugar level.
  • Are you on any sort of medication?
  • No, not now.
  • Before four months, I was suffering from muscle spasm.
  • Do you have an allergy to any drug?
  • I am allergic to antibiotics.
  • I prescribe some medicine.
  • How should I take it?
  • Take capsules twice a day and tablet once a day.
  • I give you sedative also.
  • Take this tablet and take rest.
  • You will feel sleepy.
  • Cut down on sugar and salt.
  • What should I eat?
  • Eat lots of leafy vegetables.
  • Check your blood sugar also.
  • It is necessary at this age.
  • Take doses at the right time.
  • If necessary, visit the day after tomorrow
  • Don’t have a meal in the hotel.
  • Don’t eat things fried in oil.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Yes, thank you, doctor. I shall follow your suggestions.

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