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  1. In which college are you? 
  2. William’s college at Andheri
  3. I had been in that college for three years.
  4. How many subjects do you have?
  5. I have six subjects.    
  6. Your handwriting is good. 
  7. He is also good at drawing. 
  8. She is a good student. 
  9. She has got a distinction in Mathematics.
  10. In which standard is she?
  11. She is senior to me by two years.
  12. He is weak in Mathematics.
  13. But I am good at Biology. 
  14. She has an interest in physics. 
  15. She scores more than ninety in physics.  
  16. But other subjects are also important.  
  17. Have you got your examination time table?
  18. No, we shall get it tomorrow. 
  19. So, how is your preparation?
  20. I’ll definitely get through it with good marks. 
  21. Will you become a graduate this year? 
  22. Yes, off course!
  23. The students will get the result after one week.
  24. Our college will be closed from tomorrow.
  25. You have passed the examination.
  26. The new timetable comes into force in June.
  27. Keep this book with you.
  28. And I gift you this pen.
  29. Which ink do you prefer to use?
  30. I use a pen with blue ink.
  31. This pen has blue ink.
  32. Thank you very much!

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