Demonstrative Pronouns

What are the demonstrative pronouns?

The demonstrative pronouns are the pronouns that we use to denote the referring objects showing clearly. It takes the place of a noun. We use these pronouns to specifically tell about a person, place, or thing. For example, the word we use to replace the name of a specific person, place, or thing is a demonstrative pronoun.

Which are the demonstrative pronouns?

There are very few demonstrative pronouns in the English language, but their use is common in writing as well as communication.
Here is a list of these pronouns-
⦁ this
⦁ that
⦁ these
⦁ those
⦁ none
⦁ such
⦁ neither

What are the four demonstrative pronouns?

Demonstrative pronouns tell us whether those are replacing the singular or plural nouns. We use four demonstrative pronouns the most to replace the nouns in the English language.
Those are-
1. this
2. that
3. these
4. those
They can be either singular or plural. Among the above pronouns,
1. This and that are Singular demonstrative pronouns.
2. These, ane those are Plural demonstrative pronouns.

How to use Demonstrative Pronoun?

We know what pronouns are singular and what are plural. So, the question of selecting a proper pronoun arises. It’s easy to choose the appropriate pronoun in a sentence.
⦁ We use ‘this’ (singular) and ‘these’ (plural) to replace a noun that is nearby to a speaker.
⦁ We use ‘these’ (singular) and ‘those’ (plural) to replace a noun that is away from a speaker.
Make it clear from the table below.

Demonstrative Pronouns

Singularnear in distance or timethis
Singularnear in distance or timethat
Pluralfar in distance or timethese
Pluralfar in distance or timethose

Examples of Demonstrative Pronoun with Explanation

Here are some examples of demonstrative pronouns. We have an explanation of the demonstrative pronoun used in the sentences.
Have a look-
⦁ He scores more; that’s an intelligent student.
Here, ‘that’ means a student who scores more.
⦁ She is the principal of a school, and as such, we should respect her.
Here ‘such’ means the principal of a school.

More examples of demonstrative pronouns

This, that, these, and those are used to avoid repetition of a noun.
Here are some examples-
1. The streets of Borivali are better than those of Bandra.
2. This computer is mine.
3. Bring me those printed shirts.
4. This bag is heavier than that.
5. She brought this from home.
6. She was not sure that how I did it.
7. That smells sweet.
8. The culture of Mumbai is like that of Pune.
9. look at that yellow flower.
10. This flower is more beautiful than that.
11. Can you see those tall buildings?
12. This is my house.
13. Do you like these types of clothes?
14. That flower is very beautiful.
15. Those clothes belong to my sister.
16. We can see that from here.
17. she brought that flower from a garden.
18. This is Sam, are you Tom?
19. Could you hand me that pen?
20. That is your painting.
21. I would like those bedsheets.
22. These noodles are very yummy!

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