Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative sentence is a type of sentence. It asks question. Each group of words ends with a grammatical symbol according to its type. We have seen that declarative ends with full stop and interrogative sentence ends with question mark (?). As this sentence interrogates we call it as interrogative sentence.

Uses of Interrogative Sentence

From these sentences, we expect some information.

We can use these to get-

  • appropriate explanation
  • to confirm the explanation
  • to know the choice
  • only yes or no

Types of Interrogative Sentence

According to uses, these are divided into four types.

Those are-

  • Wh-question
  • Question tag
  • Alternative interrogative
  • Rhetorical

Categories of Interrogative Sentence

Like other, these also are either positive or negative. So there are two categories of these sentences.

Those are-

  • affirmative
  • negative.

In this chapter, we shall discuss about affirmative and negative sentences.

Affirmative Interrogative Sentence

In this, subject comes after the verb or between parts of the verb phrase.

We shall take some examples. These give positive sense.

Have a look-

  • Will she give you a bag?
  • Is Jama Masjid an attraction of Delhi?
  • Who is singing on the stage?
  • Who has gifted you a headphone?
  • Did India win cricket by sixty runs?
  • When did you plan to visit Ajanta caves?
  • What has Mrunal started to read?
  • When does the train leave in the morning?
  • Why did you destroy my day?
  • Do you think that you are right?
  • Will she agree with your opinions?
  • Which bird is beautiful?
  • Where did your brother start to act?
  • Why does his father always meet you?
  • Which is a temple city?

Negative Interrogative Sentence

We use not in negatives and mostly it is contracted to n’t as;

  • Wasn’t she there?

If we use full form, not comes after the subject as;

  • Was he not there?

We shall take some examples.

Have a look-

  • Haven’t you any idea about it?
  • What can’t I think?
  • Haven’t they won that match?
  • Don’t you know what’s going on in his mind?
  • Aren’t you right at this moment?
  • Shouldn’t they avoid the possibilities what they have to face?
  • Hasn’t he come to visit a temple?
  • Doesn’t she have her opinion in this regard?
  • Are we not thinking about circumstances?
  • Didn’t you understand how I felt about it?
  • Doesn’t he respect anyone’s decision?
  • Shan’t I do what you say?
  • Don’t you think that Harry Potter was actual boy who lived?
  • Who don’t punish students?
  • Who are not their relatives?
  • Is he not in that class?

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