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When we speak, we ask and answer many common questions every day. In this lesson, we will discuss some of those common questions and answers. 

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Q 1. What is your name?

Ans. My name is Sonal.

Q 2. What is your mother’s name?

Ans. My mother’s name is Sushila.

Q 3. What is your surname?

Ans. My surname is Bansal.

Q 4. What are you doing?

Ans. I am reading a book.

Q 5. From where are you?

Ans. I am from Mumbai.

Q 6. How are you?

Ans. Fine

Q 7. How old are you?

Ans. I am seventeen.

Q 8. Where do you live?

Ans. I live in Delhi.

Q 9. What do you do?

Ans. I am an English teacher.

Q 10. What is your hobby?

Ans. Singing songs is my hobby.

Q 11. What is your goal?

Ans. I have to become a successful singer.

Q 12. In which standard are you?

Ans. I am in the sixth standard.

Q 13. Who is your class teacher?

Ans. Ravina Mam is my class teacher.

Q 14. What’s that?

Ans. That’s a map of roads.

Q 15. May I open the door?

Ans. Sure, we have to go out now.

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