Noun: Identification, Types & Examples

A noun is the most crucial part of speechTherefore, nouns are essential in spoken as well as written language, and the good thing is that nouns are very easy to understand.

Let’s see the explanation about nouns.

  • Parts of speech refer to types of words; therefore, a noun is a part of speech.
  • A noun is a word that indicates the name of a person, place, animal, thing or idea which we can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, live or dead.

First of all, we shall see how to identify nouns.

How to Identify a Noun

Nouns identify people, places, things, ideas that indicate the names of person, animal, place, thing, and thought.

Now we shall see the term ‘noun‘, which we use for a person, animal, place, thing, as well as an idea-

  • For persons- We use this term for a proper name, gender, title, and class.
  • For places- We use the term for a proper name, physical location, and general locale.
  • For animals- We can use this term for a proper name, species, gender as well as class.
  • For things- We use this for things that exist now, will exist, and exist in the past.
  • For ideas- We use this term for a real, workable idea and a fantasy that might never come true.

 Examples of Noun

During the learning process of parts of speech, it becomes challenging to identify different words.

We can make this process easier with practice. We shall see some examples of nouns to help you understand better.

Here are some sentences with examples of nouns, and we use that for-

 Use for Persons-

Here are some sentences with examples of nouns; we use those for persons.

The nouns in each sentence are in bold letters.

  • She is the person to follow.
  • Pranit started to draw a picture.
  • Sameer is a clever boy.
  • John admires his boss.
  • My grandmother takes care of me like my mother.

Use for Animals –

Here are some sentences with examples of nouns; we use those for animals.

In each sentence, the nouns are in bold letters.

  • The dog is an honest
  • An elephant has a trunk.
  • Sophie is my favourite cow.
  • The parrot is green.
  • Cat drinks milk.

Use for Places –

Here are sentences with examples of nouns that we use for places.

The nouns in each sentence are in bold letters.

  • The house is open.
  • Let’s go palm beach.
  • Go there.
  • Sign here.
  • Mumbai is a crowded city.

Use for Things –

Here are some sentences with examples of nouns; we use those for things.

In each sentence, the nouns are in bold letters.

  • Arrange the chairs.
  • Would you please give it to me?
  • Use proper words in the sentence.
  • Keep the soundbox in front of a computer.
  • Trees have green leaves.

Use for Ideas –

Here are some sentences with examples of nouns; we use those for ideas.

In each sentence, nouns are in bold letters.

  • It’s your responsibility to inform everybody.
  • Love is a wonderful emotion.
  • Behave others with respect.
  • The teacher expects obedience from her students.
  • The theory of relativity is an important concept.

Types of Noun

There are two types of nouns 

  • Common
  • Proper

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