Simple Future Tense

In simple future tense, verb describes the action in future time. For this, you should know the forms of verb. We use modal verb shall / will in simple future tense.

Formation of Simple Future Tense

The form of this sentence is as;

  • Subject + shall/ will + be + remaining words
  • Subject + shall/ will + have + remaining words
  • Subject + shall/ will + main verb (base form) + remaining words)

Keep in mind that-

  • We use shall for first person that is for I and we.
  • Will for second and third persons.

Affirmative Sentences-

We know that, affirmative sentence is a positive sentence. We shall see these sentences.

Examples of Simple Future Tense

We have the examples of forming simple future tense in categories using-

  • be
  • have
  • main verb

Formation using ‘be’

In these sentences, we use ‘be’ with modal. Let’s have some examples.

Have a look-

  • I shall be there at right time.
  • We shall be there at right time.
  • You will be there at right time.
  • He will be there at right time.
  • She will be there at right time.
  • It will be there at right time.
  • They will be there at right time.

Formation using ‘have’

We use have with modal in this tense. Let’s have some examples.

Have a look-

  • I shall have a desktop.
  • We shall have a desktop.
  • You will have a desktop.
  • He will have a desktop.
  • She will have a desktop.
  • It will have a desktop.
  • They will have a desktop..

Formation using main verb

In these examples, we take modal with base form of main verb. Main verbs are in bold letters.

  • She will arrive there on tomorrow.
  • They will borrow a bike for one day.
  • She will join another company next week.
  • I shall give her a photo frame on her birthday.
  • She will shoot me an email to inform me about the rules of the company.
  • I shall submit all documents at the end of this month.
  • We shall provide all information about the case till Monday.
  • You will get your tickets tomorrow.
  • They will buy necessary things from the shop till Saturday.
  • I shall admit her to another school.
  • He will buy a white t-shirt for his brother.
  • We shall take an advantage of our knowledge.
  • You yourself will receive it.

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