Discussion about entertainment


Two friends Jackie and Rahul speak about TV serial and film.

Have a look-

Rahul: Hi Jackie.   

Jackie:  Oh hi Rahul, how are you?   

Rahul: Fine. What’s going on?  

Jackie: Just watching TV.     

Rahul:  Which program?   

Jackie: Musical program. I like it.   

Rahul: Me too. I also like reality shows of music.  

Jackie: Which TV serial do you like most?   

Rahul: American funny videos and comedy circus.   

Jackie: Artists are very talented in comedy circus. I also like it.   

Rahul:  Jackie, have you seen Wednesday?    

Jackie: Yes of course, it’s my favourite  movie. Whenever it is aired I watch it.

Rahul: My favourite movie is Oh my God.  

Jackie: Yes I have seen that also. Do you remember Mithun’s dialogue?   

Rahul:  Which one? ‘These people are not God loving but God fearing.’

Jackie: Yes, yes, how terrible facial expressions of Mithun are!  

Rahul: Yes, he is a great artist.     

Jackie: He played that character so nicely.    

Rahul: And Paresh Rawal also.              

Jackie: Let’s see that movie again. It will start now.    

Rahul: Ok let’s see.    


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