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Some generally spoken sentences.

  1. Your top cloth is very shiny.
  2. I got it for a hundred rupees per meter.
  3. It is sewed in a nice way.
  4. Indian women mostly drape a sari.
  5. There are so many types of design.
  6. I purchased these shirts for my son.
  7. He likes such type of t-shirt.
  8. Her dress is similar to mine.
  9. This top is loose for me.
  10. This coat is loose at the waist.
  11. But it is a waterproof coat.
  12. Don’t put on wet clothes.
  13. It is raining, wear a raincoat.
  14. He likes t-shirts in the latest fashion.
  15. I have a white uniform.
  16. To put on a blue uniform is compulsory.
  17. Give my clothes to the laundry. 
  18. Iron my pants.
  19. This shirt is very warm.
  20. It is made of cotton.   
  21. I liked the blue one-piece.
  22. She prefers knee-length top.
  23. He wore a black shirt, dhoti, and turban.
  24. Her blouse is of chintz.
  25. She draped a yellow sari at the party.
  26. Dhoti and kurta is a native Indian dress for men.
  27. Lahenga choli is a traditional dress for girls.
  28. Sari is an unstitched piece of cloth.
  29. Ghagra is worn with a belt around the waist.
  30. Maharashtrian sari is longer than the usual one.

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