Imperative Sentence

Imperative sentence is a type of sentence. It suggests someone what to do. This sentence has important role in speaking and writing. It ends with full stop or exclamation mark according to the use of imperative sentence.

Uses of Imperative Sentence

We use imperative sentence to give-

  • command
  • request
  • instructions
  • informal advice
  • suggestions
  • warning
  • invitations
  • to share wishes for others.

We use these sentences in our life and it is a huge part of our speaking and writing.

But generally we see use of this sentence-

  • in ads
  • on highway to guide the drivers of vehicles
  • in newspapers as well as magazines
  • as a slogan to become a title catchy
  • in literature.

Examples of imperative sentence on signboards or notice boards

  • Insert your ATM card.
  • Push inside.
  • Keep off the grass.
  • Don’t disturb.
  • Pull the door.
  • Children on board.
  • Keep left.

Examples of Imperative Sentence

We shall take some examples.

♦ Command

  • Go right.
  • Don’t write in margin.
  • Turn around.
  • Don’t see back.
  • Sit here, go through these papers and give me your opinion.

♦ Order

  • Get out!
  • Stop mocking me!
  • Open the door!
  • Don’t waste water!
  • Raise your hands!
  • Keep quiet!
  • Attend the class.
  • Go to school.
  • Vacate this place.
  • Handle it carefully!
  • Put your hands up!
  • Verify that account!

♦ Request

  • Pack food for me, please.
  • Please lend me a hand.
  • Please don’t tell my brother about this mishap.
  • Smile, please.
  • Please wash this bowl.

♦ Instructions

  • Turn right at the hotel.
  • Let it cool and then drink.
  • Lessen the sound and then shut it down.
  • Apply jam on chapatti and roll it.
  • Learn basic terms first.
  • Climb the stairs.
  • Rub your hands.
  • Switch on the light.
  • Put it down.
  • Pull the door.
  • Put on your school dress.
  • Pack your bag.
  • Keep books in the shelf.
  • Sit on carpet.
  • Stick up the picture.
  • Put on your shoes.

♦ Informal advice

  • Improve yourself.
  • Sit properly.
  • Mend your ways.
  • Book a railway birth.

♦ Suggestions

  • Follow the lane rule.
  • Obey your mother.
  • Look at that picture and tell me what you think about it.

♦ Warning

  • Be aware of dogs.
  • Don’t stop the car in tunnel.
  • Don’t touch the bare electrical wires.
  • Don’t take hand out of the window.

♦ Invitations

  • Join us at 8 o’clock.
  • Let’s stay in my hotel near the beach.
  • Let’s have a dinner together.
  • Come and join us.

♦ To share wishes for others.

  • May God bless you!
  • Have a good day!
  • Have a safe journey!

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