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Don’t are the rules of actions people should not perform.

We have seen the sentences of dos in previous lessons.

We always guide our kids not to do something to make their life beautiful and happy. The guide may be a mother, father, or teacher. But, unfortunately, there are so many things not to do in our life.

Sentences of Don’ts

Here are some sentences about what not to do to improve someone’s personality.

Listen to the sentences.

  1. Don’t deceive yourself.
  2. Don’t be lazy.
  3. Don’t disrespect people.
  4. Don’t be arrogant.
  5. Don’t be stubborn.
  6. Don’t think negatively.
  7. Don’t speak ill of others.
  8. Don’t laugh at others.
  9. Don’t cut jokes of lame.
  10. Don’t behave rudely.
  11. Don’t quarrel with others.
  12. Don’t be dependent on others.
  13. Don’t waste time.
  14. Don’t sit idle.
  15. Don’t spit on the wall.
  16. Don’t disturb others.
  17. Don’t write with a pencil.
  18. Don’t interfere.
  19. Don’t talk vaguely.
  20. Don’t cut trees.

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