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Aakash and Sameer meet at the park. They introduce themselves and their family.

Have a look-

  • Sam :  Hi, I am Sam. 
  • Aakash:  I am Aakash. 
  • Sam:  What do you do, Mr Aakash? 
  • Aakash:  I am a doctor in J. J. hospital. 
  • Sam:  I am an architect. 
  • Aakash:  From where are you?  
  • Sam:  I am from Mumbai itself, and you? 
  • Aakash:  I am from Aurangabad but now my posting is in Mumbai. 
  • Sam:  Meet my brother Charwak. 
  • Aakash:  Hello, Mr.  Charwak,  my sister Shefali. 
  • Charwak: Hi, Shefali. 
  • Shefali: Nice to meet you. 
  • Charwak: Nice to meet you too. 
  • Shefali:  Do you work? 
  • Charwak: Yes, I work in the entertainment industry. 
  • Shefali:  Oh, wow! An actor!
  • Charwak: Yes, and you? 
  • Shefali: I am a college-going girl. 
  • Charwak: Wish you the best of luck for your studies. 
  • Shefali: Thank you.
  • Sameer:  We had a good time with you. See you later.
  • Aakash: We too. Bye.   

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