What are Conjunctions?

Conjunction is very important in the sentence. Conjunction is a part of speech.

Conjunctions are the words which are used to join two words, two phrases or two clauses.

There are many words used as conjunction.

We use conjunctions to avoid small sentences and make a complex sentence to express our idea.

We don't say- I like playing. I like studying. I don't like cooking.

For above description, we say- I like playing and studying but I don't like cooking.

Examples of using conjunction in sentence-

Examples of how to use conjunctions in  sentences are given here-

  • Shaila and Seema are sisters.
  • She met her and her mother on same day.
  • He ran fast but missed the bus.
  • She didn’t complete the assignment, but you did.
  • Because it is difficult to learn, he joined the class.
  • He got in the crowded bus because he had to reach there on time.
  • She had dinner with her children.
  • She saw a man with her boss

In above sentences:

Conjunction ‘and’ is joining-

  • two words; Shaila, Seema
  • a word and a phrase;her, her mother

Conjunction ‘but’ is joining-

  • a clause and a phrase; He ran fast, missed the bus
  • two clauses; She didn’t complete the assignment, you did

Conjunction ‘because’ is joining-

  • two clauses; it is difficult to learn, he joined the class
  • two clauses; He got in the crowded bus, he had to reach there on time

Conjunction ‘with’ is joining-

  • a word ‘dinner’ and a phrase ‘her children’
  • a word ‘man’ and a phrase ‘her boss’

In above sentences; and, but, because, with are conjunctions.

Types of Conjunctions

All conjunctions perform the same function of joining words, phrases and clauses.

There are three types of conjunctions.

  • Coordinating Conjunctions- These conjunctions join words, phrases and clauses of equal grammatical rank.
  • Correlative Conjunctions- These are pairs of conjunctions that work together.
  • Subordinating Conjunctions- These join dependent and independent clauses.


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