What is a Conjunction?

A Conjunction is very important in the sentence. It is a part of speech. Conjunctions are the words that are used to join two words, two phrases, or two clauses.

There are many words used as conjunctions.

We use a conjunction to avoid small sentences and make a complex sentence to express our idea.

For example-

We don’t say- I like playing. I like studying. I don’t like cooking.

For the above description, we say- I like playing and studying but I don’t like cooking.

Examples of using conjunction in a sentence-

Examples of how to use a conjunction in a sentence are given here-

  • Shaila and Seema are sisters.
  • She met her and her mother on the same day.
  • He ran fast but missed the bus.
  • She didn’t complete the assignment, but you did.
  • Because it is difficult to learn, he joined the class.
  • He got in the crowded bus because he had to reach there on time.
  • She had dinner with her children.
  • She saw a man with her boss

In the above sentences:

The conjunction ‘and’ is joining-

  • two words; Shaila, Seema
  • a word and a phrase; her, her mother

‘but’ is joining-

  • a clause and a phrase; He ran fast, missed the bus
  • two clauses; She didn’t complete the assignment, you did

‘because’ is joining-

  • two clauses; it is difficult to learn, he joined the class
  • two clauses; He got in the crowded bus, he had to reach there on time

‘with’ is joining-

  • a word ‘dinner’ and a phrase ‘her children’
  • a word ‘man’ and a phrase ‘her boss’

In the above sentences; and, but, because, with are conjunctions.

Types of conjunctions

All conjunctions perform the same function of joining words, phrases, and clauses.

There are three types of conjunctions.

Have a look-

  • Coordinating Conjunctions- join words, phrases, and clauses of equal grammatical rank.
  • Correlative Conjunctions- are pairs of conjunctions that work together.
  • Subordinating Conjunctions- join dependent and independent clauses.

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