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Nowadays, television has become the most crucial device not only for entertainment but also for knowing about the world. No matter how busy you are, there is a time you watch TV. That is, to watch the news of world.

Mothers let their kids watch cartoon films to educate and entertain them.

Here are some sentences given about television.

Have a look-

Listen to the sentences.

  1. Television is a source of entertainment.
  2. Some businessmen advertise their products on TV.
  3. Some programs are serving as education.
  4. Some of the channels air only educational programs.
  5. It helps students in their academics.
  6. It has become a source of knowledge.
  7. Cartoon film makes kids easy to understand.
  8. TV can bring the family together.
  9. But staying too close to it is harmful to the eyes.
  10. We should take advantage of the TV.
  11. But addiction to it is the worst.
  12. I bought a new LED TV.  
  13. What is its cost?
  14. It costs ninety thousand rupees.
  15. Its quality is the best.
  16. I bought a digital TV connection.
  17. How is the service of that company?
  18. That company serves well.
  19. And we get more channels at an affordable price.
  20. There is a lot of information broadcasted on the Discovery channel.  
  21. Check all connections.
  22. Now switch on the TV.
  23. It is on.
  24. She is very fond of that serial.
  25. That serial is aired on the Sony channel.
  26. I like the news channel.
  27. He likes listening as well as watching music.
  28. She watches films aired on that channel.
  29. Overwatching TV programs can cause blindness.
  30. Making proper use of TV is good.

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