When you have to learn a foreign language, you must be familiar with the words in that language. But a learner doesn't know what words to know and how to know them. So don't worry! EnglishLamp has a solution for it.
There are millions of words in the English language, but only 15000 to 20000 words are in use. And again, mainly, we use two to three thousand words commonly in everyday communication, and you should know those common words, how to pronounce those, and what is the meaning of those words.

But don't be confused; EnglishLamp makes learning English vocabulary easy and understandable.

How to learn new English words?

As learning English vocabulary is an essential part of learning the language, it is one of the vital parts of the EnglishLamp. Learning words in English is not just ratifying the meanings; you should also be able to pronounce and use those correctly in communication.
On EnglishLamp, you can listen to the words several times till you can't pronounce those.
On EnglishLamp, you will get categorized words to help you learn quickly. In addition, all words in a lesson are related to the topic to understand better.
For example- on the topic of money, the words are- bankrupt, cash, currency, fund, wealth etc., with pronunciation and meaning.

List of the topics of vocabulary words on EnglishLamp

  1. Days of a week
  2. months of a year
  3. Words used to learn letters
  4. Words starting from vowels
  5. The most used pronouns
  6. The most used verbs 
  7. Human body parts
  8. Words for animals
  9. Words for birds
  10. Words for numbers 1-30
  11. words for numbers 31-60
  12. words for numbers 61-100
  13. Numbers of order
  14. Words for fruits
  15. Words for flowers
  16. Words for  means of transport
  17. Things in kitchen
  18. Things in bathroom 
  19. Things in bedroom
  20. Words for furniture
  21. Words for Gents' wear
  22. Ladies wear
  23. Words for Warm clothes
  24. Words for containers
  25. Words for household articles
  26. Words for relations
  27. Words for Vegetables
  28. Words for cereals
  29. Words of quality
  30. Words used in the school
  31. Some countable
  32. Words for containers
  33. words for weather
  34. Things in stationery
  35. Most used appliances
  36. In the study room
  37. Some relating words
  38. Dry fruits
  39. Spices
  40. Eatables
  41. Trees
  42. Female animals
  43. Young ones of animals
  44. Words for group
  45. Parts of house
  46. Tools
  47. Joining words
  48. Homes of persons
  49. Houses of animals
  50. Words for colours
  51. Parts of trees  
  52. Words for insects
  53. Words for reptiles 
  54. Words for warfare
  55. Words for minerals
  56. Words for jewels
  57. Words for buildings
  58. Words for ornaments
  59. Words for musical instruments
  60. Words for workers
  61. Words for jobs
  62. Words for diseases
  63. Persons related to hospitals
  64. Persons related to art
  65. Words related to literature
  66. Words pertaining to dresses
  67. Words pertaining to medicine
  68. Places where things are kept
  69. Body parts
  70. Body conditions
  71. Words for cosmetics
  72. Occupations
  73. Idiomatic comparisons

Hi, I am Madhuri Kherde, an educationist, ex-principal of a secondary school in Mumbai, and founder of EnglishLamp.com. I have been teaching English and Mathematics for the last thirty-four years. I like to share my knowledge and experience with others. So I hope you enjoy my posts on this website.