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There are different situations in different places. We must speak to convey that particular situation.

Here are some sentences.

Have a look-

  1. The boss of that office is very strict. 
  2. He manages the workload very well. 
  3. He regularly puts up the notice on the notice board.
  4. He accepts the leave application after knowing the cause.
  5. Saniya didn’t get casual leave.
  6. What do you think about our boss?
  7. She is an authority.
  8. She takes care of us.  
  9. She holds a meeting every month end.
  10. She distributes the work among all employees.
  11. She doesn’t hurt anybody.
  12. But she doesn’t like carelessness.
  13. Inspector is visiting the office tomorrow.
  14. What are the office hours? 
  15. Our lunchtime is of half an hour.
  16. A survey is going on in our office.   
  17. What is the topic of this survey?
  18. This survey is about consensus on health issues.
  19. I have to fill up the forms.  
  20. There is too much work.
  21. I am on election duty.
  22. I should submit those forms tomorrow.
  23. There is no excuse for anybody. 
  24. Our boss wants neatly stapled documents.
  25. Now my work is off.
  26. Ma’am, I have to leave a little early today.
  27. I have an appointment with a dentist at six o’clock.
  28. May I leave?
  29. Yes, you may but finish your work.
  30. Thank you, ma’am. I have already finished. 

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