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Nowadays, most of the communication is done on the phone.

Sameer’s friend Rachana is speaking on the phone at his home.

Have a look- 

  • Rachana: Hello, is this 2 3 7 8 2 3 3 2?
  • Sameer: Yes, who is speaking?
  • Rachana: Rachana. Can I speak to Sameer, please?
  • Sameer: Hi Rachna, Sameer is speaking.
  • Rachana: Hi, what were you doing?
  • Sameer: I was solving examples of maths.
  • Rachana: Can you solve those on your own?
  • Sameer: Yes, sometimes, my brother helps me.
  • Rachana: Mathematics is very difficult for me.
  • Sameer: Ok. Why have you called me?
  • Rachana: I have to fill-up the form of the entrance exam.
  • Sameer: You need my help.
  • Rachana: Yes, I have to fill it up online.
  • Sameer: Where are you now?
  • Rachana: I am in a cybercafé.
  • Sameer: Then come to my home.
  • Rachana: Do you have an internet connection to your computer?
  • Sameer: Yes, I have, so I am calling you.
  • Rachana: Ok, it will be helpful to me.
  • Sameer: I switch my computer on till you reach.
  • Rachana: Yes, of course. Bye.
  • Sameer: Bye.

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