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When we meet any of our elders, respected persons, or dear persons, we greet them according to the greeting time. Now let us see how to welcome in the English language.
Listen carefully and practice.

1) Up to 12 o’clock (noon)-

  • Good morning, grandpa!
  • Good morning, grandma!
  • Good morning, sir!
  • Good morning, madam!

2) 12 to 5 p.m.- 

  • Good afternoon, grandma!
  • Good afternoon, mummy!
  • Good afternoon, uncle!

3) After 5 p.m.-

  • Good evening, auntie! 
  • Good evening, uncle!
  • Good evening, Danny!

4) At night-

  • Good night, dear!
  • Sweet dreams, darling!

5) At day time-

  • Good day to you sir
  • Good day to everyone
  • Good day sir

6) At the meeting-

  • Pleased to meet you!

7) To friends-

  • Hi Sam!   
  • Hello uncle!
  • Hello, Mr Khanna!

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