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We can use ‘those’ to say something about the far and plural nouns.

Formation of a sentence using ‘those

The formation of this sentence is as follows:

  • Those + are/were + other words + full stop (.)
  • Those + subject + are/were + other words + full stop (.)

Examples of ‘those

Let’s see how to use ‘those in the sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

Pointing to the object far from us, we can say:

  1. Those oranges are fresh.
  2. Those were writing papers and pencils. 
  3. Those are automatic calculators.
  4. Those were garlands of flowers.
  5. Those children are mischievous.
  6. Those mountains were very steep.
  7. Those huts are on the bank of the river.
  8. Those were the books I needed.
  9. Those are my phones.
  10. Those were your watercolour bottles.
  11. Those were selected oil paintings.
  12. Those trees are in the mountains.
  13. Those students are serious about their studies.
  14. Those applications are helpful for science students.
  15. Those insects were too tiny to see from a distance.
  16. Those women are trained nurses.
  17. Those are her documents.
  18. Those books are available in a library.
  19. Those were damaged pieces of a blanket. 
  20. Those bungalow designs were beautiful.
  21. Those are the computers of my son.
  22. Those are the assets of the company.
  23. Those chairs are expensive.
  24. Those students are in the sixth standard.
  25. Those dresses are for ICSE students.
  26. Those wallets are made of leather.
  27. Those bags were blue in colour.
  28. Those utensils were clean.
  29. Those are computer accessories.
  30. Those girls were beautiful.

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