Abstract and Concrete Noun

Abstract Noun-

Abstract noun is a type of noun. Noun is a name of person, thing, and place.

Abstract nouns are opposite of concrete nouns. You will better understand what this noun is with definition and examples of abstract noun.

Read about Abstract nouns-

  • Abstract nouns refer to objects we cannot experience with our five senses.
  • These nouns don’t have any physical existence.
  • Abstract nouns can identify ideas, concepts, experiences, qualities, and feelings.

   Definition of Abstract Noun

To find out Abstract Noun in the sentence is very easy.

Here is Definition of Abstract Noun -

  • An Abstract noun is a noun which shows an idea, event, state, action, quality or concept.
  • An abstract noun shows something that we can’t physically touch, feel, hear, taste, smell, or see.

It means the abstract nouns are the nouns which exist only in our mind which we cannot sense through our senses. It includes ideas, states of being, qualities, relationships, conditions, theories, fields of inquiry.

We cannot touch a quality such as regularity in work directly by our hands; we can only see or hear about the worker who works regularly and we come to know his regularity in work.

Examples of Abstract Nouns

We can better understand with the examples.

In following sentences, there are some examples of abstract nouns.

Here are some examples of abstract Nouns which are given in bold letters.

  • In childhoodwe used to climb on the tree.
  • She cracked a joke and laughterbroke out.
  • Metal gets hardnessafter a chemical reaction.

In above sentences the words, ‘childhood’, ‘laughter’, and ‘hardness’ show the state, action and quality.

  • The names of Sciences and Arts are also Abstract Nouns.

Ex- Physics, Biology


 Concrete Nouns-

Concrete Noun is opposite to abstract noun.

It means-

  • A concrete noun represents something that we can hear, smell, taste, see as well as touch.

Examples of Concrete Nouns

Here are some examples of concrete nouns and those are in bold letters.

  • Bookis on the table.
  • Keep that bag
  • There is a big tree in front of his house.
  • Lionis a forest animal.
  • Cloudhas white colour.

In above sentences the words, Book, table, bag, tree, house, lion, forest, animal, and cloud are concrete nouns.

In this way, it is very easy to differentiate between Abstract Nouns and Concrete Nouns.


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