Future Tense

Future tense describes the actions in future time. We use form of verb according to the type of tense. This resembles to present but in this tense, we should add modal verb. We use modal verb shall or will in the future tense.

In this, we use the form of verb according to the type.

Formation of Future Tense

We shall see how to form sentence in this tense.

Formation is as;

  • Subject + shall/will + form of main verb (according to type) + remaining words

We should keep in mind that-

  • There is change in the formation of questions.
  • In the formation, somewhere we should use base form, present participle or past participle.

Types of Future Tense

Like past and present, future tense also has four types.

Those are-

  • Simple
  • Continuous
  • Perfect
  • Perfect Imperfect

You will get the formation with examples in these lessons.

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Examples of Sentences in Future Tense

We shall take some examples of this form.

Have a look-

  • I shall be very happy at that time.
  • She will not be working for that company.
  • They will be playing for the well-known team.
  • I shan’t do anything.
  • Will you throw my ball out of the window?
  • She will do it very well.
  • There will be fun.
  • He will recognize that they are cheating him.
  • Will they inform you about their arrival?
  • You will sleep when I shall come at your house.
  • I shall take it easy.
  • We will have seen that there are so many people watching a horror movie.
  • He will not make it within time.
  • There will be a silence in the room.
  • She will have a great opportunity but she will miss it.
  • How will you manage your time at that period?
  • They will be a family.
  • We shall visit temple daily.
  • It will tell us about our behavior.
  • That will be easy for us.

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