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If something goes wrong, you apologize and say some sentences. That is,

to say you are sorry for something you have done. You regret that.

Here are some sentences to apologize for.

Have a look-

  1. Please don’t mind. 
  2. Please excuse me. 
  3. I beg your pardon
  4. Sorry 
  5. I am so sorry.
  6. Sorry to disturb you
  7. Don’t mind. I was just joking.
  8. Apologize on my behalf
  9. It has happened unknowingly.
  10. Sorry, I didn’t mean it.
  11. Sorry for hurting you. 
  12. It is not your fault.
  13. It’s all right.
  14. Please don’t bother.
  15. Please excuse me for misbehavior.
  16. I did it unknowingly. 
  17. Sorry to keep you waiting
  18. It was just done by mistake.
  19. By mistake
  20. It’s my mistake.

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