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  1. That TV is old.  
  2. That book is increasingly popular.
  3. That book has a red cover.  
  4. This river is shallow.  
  5. That pond is deep.
  6. Apple is red.  
  7. This fruit is fresh.
  8. That box was too heavy.
  9. That packet is light.
  10. The food is tasty.
  11. The pizza is delicious.
  12. The ball is spherical.
  13. A briefcase is rectangular.
  14. This bedsheet is made of cotton.   
  15. This chair has wheels. 
  16. CD is made of plastic.
  17. This table is made of wood.
  18. Glue is sticky. 
  19. The mouse pad is very smooth. 
  20. His wallet is square. 
  21. A water bottle is cylindrical.
  22. My bag is oval. 
  23. The bread is fresh and smooth.
  24. Roti is stale. 
  25. That route is short but has too much traffic.
  26. This route is long but without traffic.  
  27. The ruler is long.
  28. The rock is hard.  
  29. This building has seven floors. 
  30. That building has two lifts. 

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