Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech with Explanation

Parts of speech is a categorization of words used in the sentence that is while speaking or writing we use words in sentences to make sense for expressing something and according to work of words in sentence those are divided into eight parts, are called Parts of speech.

In English language, there are so many words but they all don’t do the same job. Every word does its special job in the sentence. You will get the proper information about these eight parts. Here is a list of these eight parts.

Eight parts of speech with their work

We use words in the sentence and every word in that sentence has special work. Those are divided into eight parts. We shall see which the eight parts are.

There are some links of the lessons and you will get more information in those lessons.

  • Noun–   name of thing or person
  • Pronoun–  word used instead of noun
  • Adjective–  gives more information about noun
  • Verb–    action word
  • Adverb–  gives more information about verb, adjective or adverb
  • Preposition– shows relation to noun
  • Conjunction–   joins words, clauses or sentences
  • Interjection–   word for short exclamation, sometimes inserted into a sentence

You will get more information about these terms by clicking the links given above which are the links of parts of speech.

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