Definition of Pronoun

We use pronoun in place of noun in the sentence. It doesn't change meaning of the sentence but beautifies it. Sometimes there is repetition of noun in another or the same sentence. In such case, we use a word to avoid the repetition of noun or noun phrase is a pronoun.

These are words which we use instead of nouns or noun phrases that is pronouns are words that take place of nouns.

Pronoun acts like noun that is it acts as a subject, object of the preposition, direct object and indirect object.

What Is a Pronoun?

We shall see what a pronoun is and how we can use it in sentences.

Let’s go for the use –

  • Pranita has to pursue the course that Pranita chose to achieve Pranita’s goal.

In this sentence, I have used the noun ‘Pranita’ thrice. This sentence doesn’t sound good because of repetition of noun and to avoid repetition of noun I shall change the sentence as-

  • Sameer has to pursue the course that she chose to achieve her goal.

In above sentence, ‘Pranita’ is noun as it names a person and pronouns ‘she’ and ‘her’ are used instead of ‘Pranita’ to avoid repetition of noun ‘Pranita’.

Here is the list of some pronouns-

  • he
  • she
  • it
  • his
  • herself
  • himself
  • I
  • me
  • we
  • you
  • they
  • each
  • few
  • someone
  • somebody
  • everybody
  • many
  • who
  • whoever
  • whose
  • few

Examples of Pronoun in Sentences

We shall use pronouns in the sentences and we shall get the explanation below.

  • Renuka was cooking. Her mother was not feeling well.
  • Prabhas had lost his file but he got it today.
  • Wilson has a cat. It is white in colour.

Explanation of pronouns used in above sentences-

In above sentences, we used word 'her' instead of Pranita’s. We used his and he instead of Prabhas as well as it is used for cat. All these words are used to avoid repetition of their names.
We used the words her, his, he, it instead of nouns to avoid the repetition of nouns Pranita, Prabhas and cat are Pronouns.

Types of Pronouns

There are different types of pronouns you should know. Here is a list of types of pronouns.

Go over-

Pronoun is word which we use instead of noun to avoid the repetition of noun,