Passive Voice

Passive voice is a form of sentence. We can explain anything in active or passive voice. Meaning of the sentence in both forms is the same. But in passive voice, verb shows that an action is done to the subject.

Formation of Passive Voice

In the formation of this form, we use-

  • auxiliary verb according to the tense
  • past participle of verb.

Keep in mind that in transformation from active to passive-

  • object becomes subject.
  • subject becomes object
  • form of verb is changed to ‘to be’ with past participle of main verb

So, by taking the above rule in consideration, we get the formation as:

  • Subject + auxiliary verb + past participle of verb + by + object

Passive Voice of Tenses

Usually, we use the passive form of the tenses-

  1. Simple Present
  2. Present Continuous
  3. Perfect present
  4. Simple Past
  5. Past Continuous
  6. Perfect past
  7. Simple Future
  8. Future Perfect

Example of Transforming Active to Passive

  • The channel aired the reality show Big Boss. (active form)
  • The reality show Big Boss was aired by the channel. (passive form)

In above sentence, we can see the changes in the transformation as:

  • Object of active form (reality show Big Boss) became subject.
  • Subject ‘channel’ became object
  • Form of ‘to be’ was is added
  • Past participle of verb ‘air’ that is aired is used in passive form.

More Examples of Passive Voice

  • Mosquito net is made from plastic.
  • She is invited for the birthday party of company manager’s son.
  • The car was being washed in the morning.
  • The contract for daily soap will be signed next week.
  • Leaving certificates will be issued after the recess.
  • Program has been arranged by the program arranging company.
  • Are you invited for the party?
  • Party is being arranged by us.
  • Plants must be protected.
  • Mail will not be sent before the arrival of our boss.
  • So many trees were cut for building the houses.

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