Common Noun

Common Noun - Name of General Item

Common Noun is a name of general item. We know that there is a differentiation of nouns and common noun is different from proper noun.

We can define common noun properly as-

Common Noun is a name of class of person, place or thing. We use these nouns for classes. We don't use Common nouns for specific person, place or thing that is words which refer to any common name are called as Common Nouns.

Here are some examples of some common nouns which we see in –

  • Kitchen- sink, ladle, dish, gas stove, refrigerator, mixer grinder
  • Mall- manager, shopkeeper, beautician, jeans, chair, trolley
  • School- chair, table, bench, desk, whiteboard, marker, duster, registers, maps, globe
  • Hotel- waiter,chef, manager, napkin, finger bowl, dishes, glasses


Keep In Mind About Use of Common Noun


When we use common noun in a sentence, we should keep some ideas in mind.

Let’s see-

  • We should not write the beginning letter of the Common Nounscapital if those are not a starting words of sentence.
  • The common nouns are used for a singular as well as plural number.
  • In English, common names may be used with articles or other modifiers such as ‘another’ or ‘any’.


Here are some examples with common nouns.

We have used Common nouns in the sentences below. Common nouns are in bold letters.

  • That school is for girls.
  • Dog is a pet animal.
  • There were so many dresses for boys.
  • There are so many beautiful parks near Mumbai we should visit.

In above sentences, the words ‘school’, ‘girls’, ‘dog’, ‘animal’ ‘dresses’, ‘boys’, ‘parks’ are common.

Sometimes we use Proper nouns as Common Nouns.


Again Common Nouns include –

There are two parts of common nouns. There is description of these parts in the lessons itself.

  1. Collective Noun
  2. Abstract Noun

Go over –

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