What is a Common Noun? Definition | Examples

We know about a noun, but so many people are curious to know what a common noun is, and it is essential to know to add value to our Grammar knowledge. We shall discuss the same in this article in an easy way. But first, we shall come to understand what a common noun is.

Let’s have a look-

What is a common noun?

A common noun is the name of a general term that we use to name common people, places, ideas, objects, animals, birds, reptiles, and so on. In addition, common nouns include the names of different plants, geographical features, and many other things. We have discussed in the previous chapter that nouns are differentiated. That is, a common noun is different from a proper noun. Therefore, we shall discuss the difference between a common and a proper noun in this chapter. 

Definition of a common noun

We can define a common noun properly as:

A common noun is a type of noun. It is the name of a class of person, place, or thing. These are generic names. We use those to refer to a group of similar items, such as places and people. We don’t use common nouns for specific person, place, or thing; that is, words that refer to any common name is called Common Noun.

Examples of a common Noun

Here are some examples of common nouns that we see in –

· places- park, zoo, state, city, mall, garden, ground, college, airport

  • kitchen- sink, ladle, dish, gas stove, refrigerator, mixer grinder
  • mall- manager, shopkeeper, beautician, jeans, chair, trolley
  • school- chair, table, bench, desk, whiteboard, marker, duster, registers, maps, globe
  • hotel- waiter, chef, manager, napkin, finger bowl, dishes, glasses
  • people- son, daughter, mother, father, grandson, woman, man
  • ideas- feeling, expression, poverty, cleanliness
  • things- stationery, shoes, spray, car, water bottle, lunch box
  • reptiles- lizard, snake, crocodile

How to use a common noun in sentences

 We should keep some ideas in mind when we use a common noun in a sentence.

Let’s see-

  • We should not write the beginning letter of the Common Nouns in capital if those are not starting words of a sentence.
  • In English, we may use common names with articles or modifiers such as ‘another’ or ‘any.’
  • Common nouns are used for singular as well as plural number.

Examples of common nouns used in sentences

Here are some examples of common nouns.

We have used Common nouns in the sentences below. Common nouns are in bold letters.

  • That school is for girls.
  • Can you tell me where the restaurant is?
  • The dog is a pet animal.
  • She dyed her hair to look more beautiful.
  • He bought a new phone yesterday.
  • Today we will go for a walk with my sister.
  • There were so many dresses for boys.
  • I opened the door in the morning.
  • She cleaned all the utensils in the kitchen.
  • He borrowed two books from the library.
  • There are ten members in his family.
  • Her mother is so old to climb the mountain.
  • Please, pass that book to me.
  • There are so many beautiful parks near Mumbai we should visit.

In the above sentences, the words’ school’, ‘girls’, ‘dog’, ‘animal’ ‘dresses’, ‘boys’, ‘parks’ are common nouns.

Frequently asked questions about a common noun

  • What is the difference between a common noun and a proper noun?

Common noun

Common nouns and proper nouns are two types of nouns, but both contrast with each other. It means any noun is either common or proper according to the context of a sentence. 

The difference between common and proper nouns is as-

♦ A common noun is a general name and refers to a group of the same things.

♦ A proper noun is a specific name given to a person, thing, place, and so on.

  • Give some examples of common nouns.

Here are some common nouns- television, car, teacher, shopkeeper, door, rabbit, etc.

There are two parts to common nouns.

  1. Collective Noun
  2. Abstract Noun

There is a description of these parts in the lessons themselves.

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