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We use some exclamatory phrases in our life.

Here are some of the most commonly used exclamatory phrases.

Use these phrases during speaking.

Have a look-

  1. Oh, my God!
  2. May God bless you!
  3. Oh, dear!
  4. Thank God!
  5. By God’s grace!
  6. Very Good!
  7. Wow! Well done!
  8. Same to you!
  9. Of course!
  10. Come what may
  11. What a bother!
  12. Oh! Really!
  13.  What nonsense!
  14. Well done!
  15. What a great victory!
  16. How terrible!
  17. How disgraceful!
  18. How absurd!
  19. How disgusting!
  20. What a pleasant surprise!
  21. What an idea!
  22. What a pity!
  23.  Watch out!
  24. Touchwood!
  25. For your good health!
  26. What a shame!
  27. How tragic!
  28. Hello! Listen!

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