Collective Noun

To know about collective noun, first you should know what noun is. Noun has different types. Explanation of common, proper, abstract noun is given in these chapters. Now, we have to get about collective noun. So, in this chapter we shall learn what collective noun is.

What is collective noun?

Collective noun is a noun that we use for naming the group. The group may be of people, any object, animals, birds or anything. We can count these nouns so these are countable nouns. Generally we have singular and plural forms of noun. As these already names for groups or collection these are pluralized and named collective nouns.

There are specific names for certain groups or collection. First of all we shall see the names for group of people.

Collective Noun for People

In this lesson we shall see the collective noun for group of people.

Let’s have a look-

  1. Army - group of soldiers
  2. Audience- listeners gathered together for the same event
  3. Band - musicians performing for same event
  4.  Board - directors in same organization
  5. Brigade - group of  soldiers
  6. Bunch-  group of crooks that is very dishonest persons/ cheaters
  7. Bunch- group of similar people
  8. Cast - the actors in a certain movie
  9. Choir- singers singing for same event
  10. Class - students studying in same class
  11. Company- group of soldiers
  12. Company- group of actors that usually performs together in plays.
  13. Crew - working members on a ship or plane
  14. Crowd - people gathered together
  15. Division - group of soldiers
  16. Doctrine - group of doctors
  17. Flock - group of tourists
  18. Gang- organized thieves/ criminals
  19. Gang - labourers came together
  20. Government- The group of people with the authority to govern a country or state.
  21. Group- dancers performing same dance
  22. Jury- group of people those have been chosen to listen to the court action and decide whether a person is guilty or not.
  23. Mob - a large disorderly crowd
  24. Movement- A group of people with similar tendencies for political or social factors.
  25. Pack- organized group of thieves
  26. Panel - experts working together on same topic
  27. Parliament- group of beggars
  28. Party-  political people organized with an intention
  29. Platoon - soldiers commanded by a lieutenant
  30. Regiment- a large group of soldiers sometimes made up from a particular city or region and is usually commanded by a colonel
  31. Squad - small group of people trained to work together as unit.
  32. Staff - people (employees) work together in company or any other working place
  33. Team - players playing on the same side
  34. Throng- busy people
  35. Tribe - a group of people often of relatives. They live together in remote area, speak same language and have same culture.
  36. Troupe - group of performers such as dancers or singers who work and travel together.
  37. Superfluity- group of nuns
  38. Damning - group of jurors
  39. Sentence - group of judges
  40. Worship - group of writers
  41. Band - a group of students of same age came together on the basis if same ability.
  42. Faculty- a group of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge.
  43. Family- group of people who are related to each other.

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