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The word ‘is’ is a form of ‘to be’. In simple sentences, we can use ‘is’ with he, she, it, or any subject of a third-person singular number.

Let’s see how to use ‘is’.

We can use ‘is’ to tell about

  • the present state of being
  • physical condition
  • profession
  • continuous action in the present

Use of ‘is’ to Tell About the Present State of Being

In this lesson, we shall learn how to use ‘is’ to describe a present state of being.

But first, we shall see how to form sentences with ‘is’.

Formation of a Sentence

The construction of this sentence is as follows:

  • Subject (he/she/it/any third person, singular noun) + is + other words + full stop (.)


Let’s see how to use ‘is’ in the sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. She is a girl.
  2. He is a boy. 
  3. Sarika is happy. 
  4. Balu is so tired.
  5. She is bored. 
  6. He is a peaceful person. 
  7. Sameer is present. 
  8. She is so happy.
  9. He is extremely sorry.
  10. My brother is surprised.
  11. Her sister is sad.
  12. She is thirsty.
  13. He is frightened.
  14. She is eighteen years old.
  15. Nayana is seventeen.
  16. He is an older person.
  17. The teacher is angry.
  18. He is mischievous.
  19. His father is a tragic person.
  20. Her mother is superstitious.
  21. She is innocent.
  22. Saumya is helpful.
  23. He is active.
  24. She is helpful.
  25. Anand is talented.
  26. He is handsome.
  27. She is adamant.
  28. The motorman is very cautious.
  29. He is a comic person.
  30. Sameer is a loyal person.

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