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  1. Oh, what is your good name?
  2. Please introduce yourself.
  3. I am Taniya.
  4. I am your neighbor.
  5. What is your age?
  6. I am twenty nine.
  7. How old are you?
  8. I am twenty two.
  9. You are younger than me.
  10. Are you married?
  11. No, I am a spinster.
  12. My sister is married.
  13. She has two sons.
  14. What is your father?
  15. He is a collector.
  16. He looks young.
  17. He maintains his health.
  18. Does he dye his hair?
  19. No, he doesn’t.
  20. How many siblings do you have?
  21. Two.
  22. How many brothers do you have?
  23. One and one sister. 
  24. Do you have a joint family?
  25. Yes it is.
  26. He is my brother.
  27. Oh, younger brother! 
  28. Yes, I should leave now.
  29. Okay, bye.
  30. Bye. 
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