Past Tense

We know that a sentence of past tense describes actions happened in past at the time of speaking. All tenses have the different formation. You will get the formations of every tense in related lesson. In this lesson, we shall see the formation and examples of past tense.

In the formation of sentence in this tense we should keep in mind that we should use the past form of verb. You can get five forms of verbs in the lesson verb.

Formation of Past Tense

In the past form of sentence, we should use verb in past form.

  • Subject + verb in past form (according to type of past tense) + remaining words.

This formation can be changed in sentences of question. Somewhere we should use past form, past participle or present participle of verb according to type of tense. Get the formations of each tense by clicking the links.

Types of Past Tense

There are four types of this tense and those are-

You will get formation with examples in these lessons.

Examples of sentences in past tense

Now we shall take some examples of this form.

Here are the examples.

Have a look-

  • I was very happy then.
  • She declared that she will not work for the company.
  • They were trying to convince their faculty for participation in football**
  • I didn’t do anything.
  • Did you throw my ball out of the window?
  • She did it very well.
  • He recognized that they were cheating him.
  • Had they inform you about their arrival?
  • When I came at your house, you were sleeping.
  • We had seen that there were so many people watching a horror movie.
  • He couldn’t make it within time.
  • She had a great opportunity but she missed it.
  • How could you manage your time at that period?

You may also like to know more about the past tense, formation of questions, negative sentences of each type.

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