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Some general sentences to speak about the law.

  1. She is a lawyer.
  2. She practises in the high court.
  3. He is a criminal.
  4. He is accused of murder.  
  5. She filed a case against him. 
  6. Now he is in the police lock-up. 
  7. Judgment on this case is tomorrow. 
  8. He will be acquitted.  
  9. He was charged with a crime. 
  10. Sanjay is released on bail. 
  11. Police arrested the accused person
  12. His act was illegal.
  13. His father asked him to shoot his enemy.
  14. They have charges of money laundering. 
  15. Nayana was its witness.
  16. She says that he is innocent.
  17. Police are investigating that matter.
  18. The defense lawyer argued the case very well.
  19. What was the judgment?
  20. The lawyers cross-examined the witnesses.
  21. The judge punished the thief. 
  22. He absconded from the country.
  23. He is punished for the death.
  24. He was sentenced to death.
  25. Police couldn’t get any evidence against him.
  26. The police informer gives the required information.
  27. She is a victim in that case.
  28. He was proved a convict.
  29. A case before ten years is reopened.
  30. Criminal evidence made him a criminal.

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