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  1. It was offside.
  2. It was a long-range free-kick.
  3. He is an athlete.  
  4. It’s a perfect hockey stick for a player.
  5. My sister plays chess.   
  6. Sam is good at football.
  7. Football is his favorite game. 
  8. Raveena likes skating.
  9. PT Usha has set a record in the running. 
  10. Which game do you like?
  11. I like table tennis.
  12. I was a table tennis champion at my college. 
  13. Do you play cricket?
  14. Yes, I do.
  15. Let us play cricket.
  16. This year World cup tournament took place in India.
  17. Ten teams contested the tournament.
  18. Which team has won? 
  19. India won by three wickets. 
  20. Dhoni is a captain of the Indian Cricket Team.
  21. Jasprit Bumrah is a fast bowler.
  22. The finals involved two teams.
  23. Which is another one?
  24. India and England qualified for the final.
  25. I play regularly for the team. 
  26. My team is participating in the National Football Tournament.
  27. Last month we had applied to enter the qualifying process.
  28. Did your team qualify?
  29. Yes, we all played dedicatedly.
  30. We are making our first appearance at this tournament.

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