Adjective of Quality Examples in Sentences

Here are some adjectives of quality examples in sentences given below.

An adjective of quality is also known as a describing adjective.

There may be more than one adjective of quality in a sentence.

Adjective of quality

Adjective of Quality Examples

Adjective of quality examples in sentences

Here are some examples. Adjectives of quality are in bold letters.

  1. The tasty jalebi was juicy and crispy.
  2. The artist painted the beautiful sunset in the sky with extraordinary colours.
  3. She chose a soft pillow and had a good night’s sleep.
  4. I couldn’t sleep all the night due to the noise outside.
  5. She wore a smooth silk scarf that added to her luxurious look. 
  6. They are African students.
  7. My mother made a delicious chocolate cake for me.
  8. I arranged the delicate flowers in the blue vase.
  9. She touched the smooth stone lying on the beach.
  10. He bought a comfortable chair for working.
  11. He showed us an expensive watch his mother gifted him on his birthday.
  12. The tall boy is quarrelsome.
  13. Mumbai is a large city, also called the financial capital of India.
  14.  My staff are sincere people.
  15. The bitter gourd has a bitter taste.
  16. The scenes in a one-act play were of high quality.
  17.  She likes to eat fried chicken.
  18.  The anxious lady watched the entire movie.
  19.  She bought some notebooks for her brother.
  20. We had enough clothes to stay for five days.
  21. She gave me all her footwear.
  22. He has no authority to ask for work from employees.
  23. It was an excellent experience to wander in the forest.
  24. There is a red picture on the blue wall.
  25. The lazy lady didn’t look at her pets.
  26. The naughty boy laughed at the lady standing on the road.
  27. The brave soldiers defended the border of our country in the night.
  28. She has no faith in her husband.
  29. They did not buy any groceries from that shop.
  30. I asked him to send half the goods.
  31. Many employees were absent yesterday.
  32. She has completed most of her office work at home.
  33. He ate the whole watermelon.
  34. She doesn’t have much time, so she is making haste to reach the airport.
  35. I have little interest in singing.
  36. I have given sufficient facilities to my kids to learn computer skills.
  37. He showed great courage when her father met with an accident.
  38. They saved a few rupees and invested in the business.
  39. He arranged the benches well in the class.
  40. The older adult fell asleep on the bench.
  41. He married with a kind, beautiful girl last year.
  42.  She had a hot plate in her hand, holding with tongs. 
  43.  We sat under the tall tree that provided us shade on that sunny day.
  44.  She arranged colourful flowers in the vase that brightened up the vase.
  45.  He bought a spacious house with plenty of rooms for his family.
  46.  Her younger brother held her hand tightly.
  47.  She is a kind lady.
  48.  The old dress had a faint colour and was torn somewhere.
  49.  He decorated windows with bright light.
  50.  I suffered due to the noisy crowd cheering loudly at the concert.
  51.  The tall boy dominated other boys in the class.
  52.  She is an excellent teacher and the most popular among the students.
  53. The shiny diamond necklace on her neck sparkled in the blue light.
  54.  He doesn’t like spicy food.
  55.  Saurabh has brown hair.

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