Simple Past Tense- Uses

Uses of simple past tense

Simple past tense is used for describing the events in the past. But like uses of simple present tense we also have some uses of simple past tense.

Let’s have a look-

We can use simple past tense to show-

  • True things happened in past
  • Things finished in past
  • Something which happened once in the past
  • Habitual actions in past

Now we shall discuss the uses of simple past tense one by one.

True things happened in past

There are some things happened for some time in the past and those were true according to the past time.

Here are some examples of such events.

  • We discussed that on the phone for half an hour.
  • She stayed in hotel for two days.
  • He worked in Dubai for ten years.
  • When she was a school student, she played for so many table tennis matches.
  • They enjoyed the subject very much.

Things finished in past

We can use this tense to describe about things happened and finished in the past.

Here are some examples-

  • William Shakespeare wrote so many tragic dramas.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a brave king.
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote a constitution for India.

Something which happened once in the past

Sometimes the things happened once in the past and we use such sentences to tell about it every now and then. Here are some examples.

Have a look-

  • I saw him in a party last night.
  • They participated for world cup champion match.
  • I purchased this house in 1990.
  • He won the intercollegiate tennis match in 2000.

Habitual actions in past

There are so many things happens repeatedly. We have seen that we can use simple present tense to describe repeated actions in present. Like simple present tense we can also use simple past tense to tell about repeated actions but happened in past. Let’s see some examples-

  • Every day I presented on time when I worked for that school.
  • She prayed every day for his success.
  • They always visited a temple nearby their house.
  • They believed in black magic.

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