Exclamatory Adjective

What Is an Exclamatory Adjective?

Exclamatory adjective is a part of speech. Exclamatory adjective is a word that shows emotion so it is used with noun. We know that ‘what’ is a question word but usually ‘what’ is used to show strong emotion. It means, word used to show strong emotion is an Exclamatory Adjective.

We use exclamatory adjectives in conversation. Sometimes the word 'how' is also used to show strong emotion. We use these adjectives when we are surprised about something. We can also use it to emphasize something.

When we use this adjective in the sentence, we should use exclamation mark after completing the sentence.

Examples with Exclamatory Adjective

  • What an idea!
  • What a blessing!
  • What a foolishness!
  • What a management!
  • What a large house you have!
  • What a wonderful feeling!
  • What a piece of work is man!
  • What a beautiful rose it is!
  • What a popular actor he is!
  • What a charming child he is!

Use of what-

Use of ‘what’ for singular noun

In this, verb is not used. We use this when we are surprised and really mean it.

For singular noun, we should say in the form-

  • What + a/ an + adjective + noun + !


  • What a cute baby!
  • What an exciting game!
  • What a handsome boy!
  • What a posture!

Use of ‘what’ for plural noun

For plural nouns we don’t use articles ‘a’ or ‘an’.

For plural noun, we should say in the form-

  • What + adjective + noun +  !


  • What the scholar boys!
  • What the beautiful flowers!

Use of ‘what’ for plural noun with collection

Sometimes we exclaim for collection so in this, we should say in the form-

What + collective noun + of + adjective + plural noun + !


  • What a bunch of beautiful pictures!
  • What a pair of beautiful shoes!
  • What a couple of strong boys!
  • What a school of attractive fish!

Use of ‘what’ with verb

We have seen that above examples are without verb. Now we shall see the use of ‘what’ with verb to make an exclamatory sentence.

In this, we make sentence in the form-

  • What + a / an + adjective +subject + verb + !


  • What an attractive picture it is!
  • What smart kids they are!
  • What a strong person he is!
  • What a happy lady you are!

Use of ‘how’ for exclamation without verb

Sometimes we use ‘how’ to express strong emotion. We don’t use the verb after the word ‘how’. Put down the exclamation mark at the end.

With ‘how’ we should say in the form-

  • How + adjective +!


  • How strange!
  • How dashing!
  • How beautiful!
  • How cute!

Use of ‘how’ for exclamation with verb

Sometimes the word ‘how’ is used with verb to express emotion.

We should say in the form-

  • How + adjective + subject + verb +!


  • How studious he is!
  • How curious they are!
  • How perfect it is!

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