Adjective: A Describing Word In a Sentence, Examples

Adjective – Definition

An Adjective is a part of speech. It is a describing word and modifies nouns as well as pronouns. We use an adjective to make our sentence more specific. A word used to specify a noun or pronoun is an Adjective.

Adjective Examples

  • White tiger
  • Clever student
  • Greyhound
  • Friendly cat
  • Thousand papers

Keep in mind-

  • Adjectives are not placed after the noun.
  • We place an adjective before the noun.
  • We can also place an adjective at the end of a sentence when it describes the subject of a sentence.
  • Adjectives don’t have masculine, feminine or neuter gender.
  • Adjectives don’t have a singular or plural form.

We can add adjectives to nouns to tell which one? How many? What kind? Or whose?

We shall take some examples.

Which one?

We use adjectives to specify particular things.

Here are some examples. Adjectives are in bold letters.

  • I have purchased those books.
  • This shirt has become dirty.
  • That bouquet was very beautiful.
  • She liked those ornaments very much.
  • I like this.

How many?

We use adjectives to show the number of nouns. Here are some examples.

Have a look-

  • She collected many dresses.
  • I bought five skirts from the market.
  • It’s ten minutes to twelve.
  • Some students were playing on the ground.
  • I spent a few dollars on flowers.

What kind?

We use adjectives to explain a specific type of noun.

Have a look-

  • The black dog was barking.
  • huge elephant is standing at the corner.
  • She selected a green dress for her.
  • I watched the movie on a large screen.
  • Hang the blue painting on the wall.


We use adjectives to specify a person, thing or place.

  • I am always cautious about my profile.
  • The boy sitting in the chair is his student.
  • He cleaned its wound with great affection.
  • These are sam’s colour boxes.
  • Those were my books.

Types of Adjectives

According to the use of adjectives in the sentences, adjectives are differentiated into the following types.

  • Exclamatory adjectives – show strong feelings.
  • Interrogative adjectives – we use these to ask questions.
  • Adjectives of numbers- give information about numbers.
  • Emphasizing adjectives – lay stress on the proceeding noun
  • Adjectives of quality- describe the quality of a thing or person
  • Demonstrative adjectives – tell about the particular person or thing
  • Adjectives of quality- explain the quality of a thing or person
  • Articles – There are three articles in the English language, and all are adjectives.

Three articles are- a, an and the.

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