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  1. She is very beautiful.
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  2. He is handsome.
  3. She is tall.   
  4. He is short. 
  5. Sameer is of medium height.
  6. Sayana is fair.
  7. He is a rude person.    
  8. Kitty is dark.
  9. He looks funny.  
  10. Her cousin is blonde.
  11. Charwak is clean-shaved.
  12. That baby is very cute.
  13. Saurabh has a moustache. 
  14. He has long hair.
  15. Akash has a beard.
  16. She has large brown eyes.  
  17. Rohan is well built.
  18. Nandini was slim at that time.
  19. His father is still elegant.
  20. That girl is gorgeous.
  21. You are pessimistic.  
  22. Sam is very fat.     
  23. Kaya is healthy.
  24. Gautam is skinny.  
  25. She has a bony face.
  26. Rupa doesn’t open her small mouth.
  27. A straight nose adds the beauty of her face.
  28. She is charming.
  29. His sister is young.   
  30. He has a square face.   

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