Simple Past Tense

Verb describes the action of past time

In simple form of past tense, verb describes the action of past time. For this, first you should go through forms of verb. In this tense,  we should use verb in past tense.


  • Yesterday I was very busy.
  • He did it on time.
  • They painted a wall beautifully.

Formation of Simple Past Tense

Now we shall see the formation of sentences in simple past tense.

In some sentences we use only the form of ‘to be’ in past and sometimes main verb in past form. Let’s see how to form the sentences.

Formation using ‘to be’

We can form a sentence using the form of ‘to be’ as;

Subject + form of ‘to be’ in past + remaining words

Was and were are the forms of ‘to be’ in past tense.


Let’s have some examples-

  • Yesterday you were sad.
  • She was sad due to failure in competitive exam.
  • I was present at the time of event inauguration.
  • They were very supportive in nature.
  • He was absent.
  • As the route was very steep, we frightened.
  • We were at his place in time.

Formation using past form of main verb 

We can form the sentence in simple past by using the past form of main verb as;

Subject + past form of main verb + remaining words


Here are some examples-

  • They rearranged (past form of rearrange) the tour again in next week for me .
  • She enjoyed (past form of enjoy) the comic movie very much.
  • You did (past form of do) your work sincerely.
  • He did (past form of do)better that he resigned(past form of resign) that post.
  • We had lunch at the beach yesterday.
  • He threw his birthday party in five star hotel.
  • Do caught the ball very easily.

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