Exclamatory Sentence

Exclamatory sentence is a type of sentence. It gives sudden reaction. These sentences may be of any length that is of two words or more than two words. This is a declarative sentence in which we emphasize a point. We use exclamation mark (!) at the end of exclamatory sentence.

You will get what sentence is, and what types of sentences are in previous lesson.

How to Identify Subject in Exclamatory Sentence?

In declarative sentence we can identify subject easily. You may have question about subject of exclamatory sentence. We have seen what subject and predicate are in the previous topic and we know that Subject is a topic that is about what the sentence is. Predicate is a description about the subject in that sentence.

So ask yourself about what the description is and you will get the subject of exclamatory sentence of what you have to identify.


We shall take an example.

  • How friendly the chairman behaves!

This is an exclamatory sentence. This sentence is starting from ‘how’. But we know that predicate is the description about subject and predicate is about the chairman. So subject is the chairman.

How to Construct an Exclamatory sentence

We should know how to construct this sentence. Here are some tips.

In some of the sentences we use what or how.

♦ Use ‘what a’ before singular noun.

Let’s have some examples-

  • What a pleasant surprise!
  • What a beautiful girl she is!
  • What a bad man he is!
  • What a rude girl she is!
  • What a beautiful morning this is!
  • What a colourful bird it is!
  • What a loving family you have!
  • What a golden opportunity it was!

♦ Use ‘what’ before plural noun or abstract noun

  • What clever boys these are!
  • What bad men those are!
  • What rude girls those are!
  • What beautiful mornings we spent!
  • What colourful birds those are!
  • What loving siblings you have!
  • What golden opportunities he had!
  • What lovely flowers those are!

♦ Use ‘how’ before verb, adverb or modifying adjective.

  • How clever he is!
  • How ridiculous!
  • How fluently she speaks!
  • How lovely they are!

♦ Exclamation mark should be at the end and not in middle of the sentence.

Let’ have an example.

Correct sentence-

  • Awesome, he ended cricket match with a six!

Don’t write-

  • Awesome! he ended cricket match with a six.

Other Examples of Exclamatory Sentences

Here are some exclamatory sentences without what and how. We know that these sentences are with expression of emotion.

Let’s have a look-

  • Oh, I didn’t check it!
  • She didn’t know what he said about her!
  • We won the match!

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