Proper Noun: The Specific Name

A proper noun is a kind of noun. That is a specific name of a person, place, animal, or thing. Proper nouns and common nouns are different. That noun is a name but when we use it to tell a specific person or thing is a proper noun.

Proper nouns are specific names.

Proper nouns are of-

  • persons
  • animals
  • planets
  • stars
  • rivers
  • cities
  • states
  • countries
  • continents
  • institutions
  • corporations
  • companies
  • buildings
  • roads
  • directions
  • universities.

We can add more proper nouns to the above list.

Rules to use Proper Noun

Every day we use proper nouns, but when we write a sentence with a proper noun, we should keep some rules in our minds.

Here are some rules to follow-

  • In English, we should not use proper nouns with any article or modifiers like ‘any’ or ‘other’.
  • Don’t think about the place of proper nouns in the sentence.
  • Always write the beginning letter of proper nouns capital.
  • Always a noun is a single word. Therefore proper noun is also a single word.


Here are some examples. Proper nouns are in bold letters.

  • Shakespeare is a famous writer.
  • Chetan Bhagat is a renowned Indian writer.
  • Pruthvi lives at M. G Road.
  • My dog Moti is intelligent.
  • The Earth is a planet on which we live.
  • The Moon is a satellite of the Earth.
  • Nowadays, the work of cleaning the river Ganga has become fast.
  • That village is at the bank of river Godavari.
  • Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra.
  • Maharashtra is a developed state of India.
  • India is a part of the continent Asia.
  • Xavier’s School is located at Juhu.
  • Mahatma Phule Sanstha is the name of an educational institution.
  • The Bombay Municipal Corporation runs the local government of Mumbai.
  • Microsoft is a software company.
  • A building near Ram Mandir is Matoshri.
  • He built a large house at RSC Road.
  • The Sun rises in the East.
  • Mumbai University is renowned over all the world.

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