Verb- a Part of Speech

We call a verb an action word.

The verb is an integral part of speech.

Verbs give proper meaning to the sentences.

A verb is a word that says something about a person, place, or thing.

We use Verbs to describe-

  • An action
  • State of being
  • Occurrence

The Function of a Verb

We shall take some sentences to see what the function of verbs in the sentence is-

  • The publisher published a fiction.
  • She is charming as well as talkative.

If we write the above sentences as-

  • The publisher a fiction
  • She very beautiful as well as talkative

These sentences don’t make sense, but in the above sentences, we get a complete sense of the sentences because of the words ‘published’ and ‘is.’

We can also call these words ‘action words.’

Use of verbs

We use verbs to explain about-

  • What a person or thing does
  • What is done to a person or thing
  • How a person or thing is

 What a person or a thing does, as,

  • Students study in the library.
  • Baby cries loudly.
  • Hound ran after the dear.
  • The cleaner cleans all four rooms and the balcony daily.

What is done to a person or thing, as,

  • Soham was cheated by his friends.
  • Four-wheeler vehicle is parked in no parking area.
  • The paper is torn.
  • A large tree of hundred years old was cut to broaden the road.

How a person or thing is, as,

  • They are college students.
  • The dog is alive.
  • I am a doctor
  • The route is long.
  • She felt sorry.

Use of more than one word as a verb

Always, we use more than one word as a verb in a sentence, such as,

  • The girls were studying in the library.
  • We are singing a national song at the start of an event.
  • On that day, Pranav was carrying his lunch box.
  • He has taught that lesson.
  • Charu had watched that movie.
  • I am washing clothes.
  • The wall has been built.
  • Students have been studying.
  • The patient has been admitted to the hospital.

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