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  • Let’s go shopping.
  • What have you to buy?   
  • I have to buy a shirt and some grains. 
  • I shall buy some books. 
  • So we shall shop at a mall near the station.
  • Ok, we can get all things over there.  
  • Hawkers sell t-shirts at a low price. 
  • But I have to buy a shirt of good quality.
  • Here is a men’s wear store.
  • Ok, we shall see the shirt there.
  • Show me that yellow shirt.
  • Which size of shirt do you want?
  • Medium.  
  • That shirt costs a hundred bucks.  
  • Oh, I am short of ten bucks.
  • Give me a discount of ten bucks.   
  • Ok, buy it.  
  • Have your money.
  • You paid two bucks less. 
  • Oh, sorry, have it.
  • Here is a book shop. 
  • Let’s see.
  • Do you have science fiction?
  • Yes, here are some science fiction. You can select what you want.   
  • This book is so popular.
  • And cheap also.
  • Wrap this book. I have to gift it.   
  • What is the price of this rice? 
  • This rice is of inferior quality. 
  • Purchase this one. This rice is better than that.
  • Ok, I shall try this.

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