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When we go out, we see various signs on the road. We should know the meaning of that particular sign. It helps us to understand the situation; as,

  1. The red light tells us to stop.
  2. Yellow light tells to slow down.
  3. A green light tells to go.

Like these, there are more signs telling something. Some of those are given below.

Have a look-

  1. Cycle route ahead 
  2. School ahead
  3. Keep to the left.
  4. Right turn ahead
  5. Road is closed
  6. Dead end ahead
  7. Tunnel ahead
  8. U-turn **
  9. Straight
  10. No U-turn
  11. No left turn
  12. No parking area
  13. No entry 
  14. Drive slowly    
  15. Heavy vehicles are not allowed.
  16. Toll plaza ahead
  17. Uneven road
  18. Falling rocks
  19. Traffic signals not in use
  20. Slippery road
  21. Steep hill downwards
  22. Steep hill upwards
  23. Zebra crossing
  24. Wild animals
  25. Risk of ice
  26. Men at work
  27. Prohibited area
  28. The road narrows on the right.
  29. The road narrows on both sides.
  30. Two-way traffic straight ahead.

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