Exclamatory Sentence- Uses

Exclamatory sentence shows excitement or emotion. This is like declarative sentence but in this, a point is emphasized. Instead of putting full stop we should put exclamation mark at the end of exclamatory sentence.

Construction of this sentence is different from declarative, imperative or interrogative sentence. Because of the construction you may confuse about subject of the sentence.

There is a trick to identify subject of exclamatory sentence.

Uses of Exclamatory Sentence

We use these sentences to show emotions. But we should know how to use those. We can use these sentences to express –

  • surprise
  • confusion
  • happiness
  • love
  • sorrow
  • frustration
  • anger

Now, we shall see above expressions one by one.

I have already explained about the construction of this sentence in previous lesson. You can go through it.

  Use of Exclamatory Sentence to Express-

♦ Surprise

Here are some examples. Let’s have a look-

  • What a beautiful architectural construction of Jama Masjid is!
  • How beautifully arranged things!
  • Oh, it’s so magnificent!
  • How talented artist he is!
  • What a grand festival it was!

 ♦ Confusion

Sometimes we have confusion in our mind and we can’t guess what the matter is. For such situations we use these sentences. Here are some examples. Have a look-

  • He doesn’t know how his boss will react in the meeting!
  • I don’t know what she thinks about me!

 ♦ Happiness

Anything we want something to happen and it happens. Then we feel happy. There are so many incidences in our life that make us happy. Let’s take some examples-

  • My daughter cracked the entrance exam of business administration master degree!
  • I earned the degree I wanted!
  • India won the world cup!

 ♦ Love

We show love to our beloved. They may be our parents, kids, friends, life partner or any other. We give compliments to others. Here are some examples.

  • You are so pretty!
  • I just adore you!
  • Your skin is very nice!

 ♦ Sorrow

Sometimes we feel sad for something and we express it.

  • As I have too much work I cannot come with you!
  • As he was not at the place he missed the chance to play a role in that film.
  • My family is far from me!
  • I feel alone without you!

 ♦ Frustration

Sometimes we get frustrated due to some reasons and we express it. See how we express-

  • You don’t find anything!
  • How suffocating area this is!
  • She can’t do anything without anyone’s help!
  • Leaders don’t pay attention to the difficulties of common man!

 ♦ Anger

Sometimes we get angry with something and we express our anger.

Let’s have a look-

  • You are not allowed to join us!
  • You have made be angry!
  • What a mean man you are!
  • You are behaving so ridiculously!

I hope, you got the uses of Exclamatory Sentence!

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