Continuous Present Tense

The sentence of continuous present tense tells that action is not completed in current time. In this tense, we use forms of ‘to be’ in present form but which are those? Those are  ‘am’, ‘is’ and ‘are’. So, we use form of ‘to be’ with present participle in the formation of continuous present tense.

Formation of Continuous Present Tense

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While forming this sentence, we should keep in mind that-

  • In this sentence, we use auxiliary verb according to the subject,
  • For first person, singular number that is ‘I’; we use ‘am’.
  • We use ‘is’ for third person and singular number,
  • For first, third plural and second person singular as well as plural, we use ‘are’.

So, the formation is as;

  • Subject + auxiliary verb (am/is/are) + present participle of main verb + remaining words


Now we shall see some examples. In these examples, you will have base form of main verb in parenthesis. Forms of ‘to be’ are according to the subject.

You will get examples of continuous present tense of-

  • Negative sentences
  • Interrogative sentences
  • Negative interrogative sentences
  • Wh-questions

All of the following sentences are affirmative.

Have a look-

Verb- cook

In these sentences we have used verb ‘cook’. Now, read the following sentences with three persons and see the use of forms of ‘to be’ in each sentence.

  • I am cooking for my kids. (first person, singular)
  • We are cooking for my kids. (first person, plural)
  • You are cooking for my kids. (second person, singular/plural)
  • He/She/It is cooking for my kids. (third person, singular)
  • They are cooking for my kids. (third person, plural)

More Examples of Continuous Present Tense

In following sentences, verb used in sentence is given in parenthesis.

  • I am drinking lemonade. (drink)
  • We are solving a problem.(solve)
  • She is reading a book. (read)
  • He is sleeping on the plank. (sleep)
  • It is playing with the ball. (play)
  • They are playing cricket in the ground. (play)
  • You are eating an apple. (eat)
  • All of you are watching the movie. (watch)
  • They are cleaning their premises. (clean)
  • I am washing clothes in washing machine. (wash)
  • She is working on her project. (work)
  • They are discussing about the mishap on the highway. (discuss)

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