About health

Some general sentences to speak about health

  1. I had a fever last night. 
  2. Now it is down.   
  3. I am feeling feverish.  
  4. I am feeling sick.  
  5. I am not feeling well. 
  6. Consult a doctor and take medicine early.  
  7. He is worried about his health. 
  8. He has trouble with his digestion.
  9. He should drink more water. 
  10. Nowadays, typhoid has spread in the city. 
  11. He is suffering from severe illness.
  12. The doctor could not diagnose his disease.
  13. He didn’t get proper medicine. 
  14. The doctor diagnosed his disease too late.
  15. She is suffering from cold.
  16. I am suffering from a headache.  
  17. Don’t ignore, take a painkiller.
  18. Her fingerbone has got fractured.    
  19. Her hand is swollen.
  20. She has kidney trouble.
  21. He is suffering from paralysis.
  22. You should walk for at least half an hour.
  23. Suraj had to lose ten kg of weight due to obesity.
  24. Overeating puts your health at risk.
  25. Her father became blind due to cataracts.
  26. We should vaccinate our kids.
  27. Drinking contaminated water makes us sick.
  28. Her daughter was severely anemic.
  29. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer.
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  30. She is admitted to a hospital.

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