A Group of Words

Sentence is a group of words that we use to convey our thoughts properly. It may be of one word or more than ten words. There are small as well as long sentences. We get complete sense from sentence.

We shall take some examples-

  • Stop!
  • Get down.
  • I saw him.
  • Take it with you.

Which is the sentence in following examples?

Here are some examples of group of words. As it is a group of words let’s see if these are sentences or not.

  • Too much work!
  • Vegetables, fruits and grains.
  • She watched a movie last night.

All three examples have group of words but what is the difference in third one? As above two examples do not have a verb, we can’t get it properly. It is OK in informal speaking. We can get it according to the situation at the time of speaking. Such type of group is not acceptable in writing.

In above three examples only last one is a sentence because it has main verb. It gives proper sense so anyone can understand.

Rules of the sentence

Here are the rules.

In writing, we should follow some rules.

In sentence-

  • It should be complete in sense.
  • Starting letter should be capital.
  • It must contain a subject and predicate.
  • Without verb we don’t get complete sense, so it must contain verb.
  • We should put down full stop, question mark or exclamatory mark at the end.

Some sentences are short and some are long. Some are simple, complex or compound. As we have seen rules above, we should use verb because without verb we will not get proper meaning of the sentence.


Sentence with only verb

Here are one or two words with only verb and without subject. In these examples to whom we speak is understood because we say something to them who are with us at the time of speaking.

Let’s have a look-

  • Listen!
  • Pay attention.
  • Carry on.
  • Go ahead.

We shall take some examples with more than two words. In these sentences there is subject, verb and another words.

  • India is the most populated country.
  • She knew about it.

There are some long sentences. We shall see some long sentences here.

  • I had gone to check the work whether it is done properly or not.
  • Though she is her daughter, she didn’t take care of her.
  • She and her students decided to go for a picnic next Sunday.

Now you might understood what the sentence is.

Types of sentence

There are four types of sentence. Those are-

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